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Student Leadership

meet our head boys & girls 2023-2024


lead ambassadors 2023-2024


Lead Ambassadors

(from left to right): Chibuike, Louie, Abdelaziz, Kefira, Salunaz, Maryam, Fatiha and Jasmine 

With the talent in our sixth form growing greater each year, ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’ have begun today. In addition to our Head Team, our Sixth Form Ambassadors play an active role in school life, leading the way in events, fundraising and diversity and inclusion, just to name a few. The Ambassador Programme is open to both year 12 and 13 and allows for greater diversity in our student voice. 

We believe that the student voice equals student leaders. We pride ourselves on the opportunities our students have, not only to achieve academically, but to develop the skills that will achieve success outside of the classroom. 


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