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About Us

Our Vision is “Success for Everyone” and this means that we are highly inclusive and place the needs of our students and their community at the heart of our work. All that we do is driven by two values – Care and Unity. By Care, we mean that we show a level of consideration and commitment to each-and-every student that we believe is unmatched. This means that each student is seen as an individual and treated with the care that they need to achieve great things. Unity means that we always work together – with our schools, with our community and with our wider partners – to ensure that we are delivering the best strategies to create success for everyone.

The Poly Sixth Form has a track record of impressive exam results and impressive levels of pastoral care, and we ensure that the environment for learning is always one which is safe, positive and enjoyable. We work very hard to create strong relationships within our organisation, and we welcome strong parental involvement. We know that our students will only achieve their best if they are safe and happy.

Mr Plumb
CEO of PolyMAT

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Hutchins Road
SE28 8AT