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Our Vision

Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form offers the highest quality education to allow our students to pursue the pathway and career of their choice with confidence in a changing and challenging global community, reflected in our outcomes and destinations. Our whole-school vision of “Success for everyone” is at our core, with a drive towards academic excellence and a desire to create independent learners ready to face life beyond the Poly: 95% of our students go on to further education or training and our alumni are testament to the leaders that we produce. We believe in extending and enriching our students, both academically and socially, developing young leaders who have the skills to self-regulate their emotions and set goals and aspirations through the VESPA model. We work tirelessly to ensure our students are world -ready, armed with the relevant skills, experience and achievements to support them in achieving success.  

Our Sixth Form motto of “Tomorrow’s Leaders” underpins our ethos and the expectations that we have of our students here at Woolwich Poly Sixth Form. Sixth Formers are considered young adults who should lead as good role models for students in younger years.  

Our Values

Our Values drive how we behave and the feelings that come from this.


We want everyone to feel welcomed, seen, heard, valued, and supported. We care for all aspects of our practice and, in particular, we care for:

  • Everyone’s safety and happiness
  • Everyone’s personal development and growth
  • Everyone’s outcomes
  • Everyone’s standards
  • Everyone’s learning
  • Everyone’s well-being
  • Everyone’s relationships

This is reflected by the fact that we call ourselves the Poly Family, and we are based on relationships above all else – we are individual people first and students, staff, and parents second.


We believe that this value ensures that our impact is greater than it ever could be if we worked alone. This means that our school, teams, and individuals are always pulled together in ways which share the workload and create solutions from which everyone benefits. We are determined that nothing can divide us when we put the needs of our community before everything else.

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