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  • Studybugs - The new way to report student absence!

    Published 21/06/23

    Dear parent/carers, 

    We are pleased to announce that Woolwich Polytechnic Boys is introducing a new, more efficient and secure system for reporting your child’s absence due to illness, called Studybugs.

    If you haven’t already, please get the free Studybugs app, or register on the Studybugs website, and use it to tell us whenever your child’s ill and unable to attend school.

    Get the app or register now:

    Top 3 reasons to use Studybugs
    1. It’s integrated with our systems, so we know right away if your child is unaccounted for.
    2. It’s quick and easy to register and use and automatically reminds you to keep us posted.
    3. You’ll be helping the NHS and other public health organisations improve children’s health.

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  • Kooth - Support for parents/carers & students taking exams

    Published 15/04/24

    Dear Parents/Carers

    Over the coming weeks your child may mention they have been made aware of a service called Kooth. At Kooth, we provide a safe, secure means of accessing online emotional health support from a professional team of qualified counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners. 

    Kooth offers wellbeing support 365 days a year via a range of self-help materials and peer to peer support which young people are able to contribute to. Everything is pre-moderated and age appropriate, in order to safeguard our users, so you know that what your child is accessing is safe. 

    Kooth works alongside schools and colleges across the UK and are running student facing webinars through April and May on topics like ‘Staying safe online’ and ‘Tips for managing exam stress’. 

    Kooth is also offering free virtual sessions for parents on the 22nd & 25th April that provide tips on how you can support your child manage anxiety about their upcoming exams - please use this link to sign up.  

    There’s also resources designed especially for parents available on our website including advice on how to talk to your teen about their feelings: Parents/Carers resources.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss what can offer you can email us on

    Kind Regards

    Kooth Engagement Team



    In April we’re running KoothTalks training webinars specifically to help education staff and parents support young people sitting exams. 

    Please share these booking links with your team:

    Tue 23 Apr. 3.30-4.15pm

    Thu 25 Apr. 12.30-1.15pm

    (Don’t worry if you can’t make these times - just fill in the short form and we’ll send you the recording to watch in your own time).

    And here are the booking links to share with parents in school emails or on parent portals. Please let parents know about this free session, especially if they are worried about their child’s anxiety:

    Mon 22 Apr. 1-2pm

    Thu 25 Apr. 6-7pm

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  • FREE Online Knife Crime Awareness Course - The Ben Kinsella Trust

    Published 12/03/24

    Parents & Carers: Knife Crime Awareness workshops

    Knife Crime Awareness

    Parenting children and young adults is hard, sometimes it can be scary and overwhelming with news stories and social media influencing how safe we feel our children are and the risks they may face in today’s climate.

    Join our FREE workshops in person or virtually to learn more about topics such as the influence of social media, the signs and stages of exploitation, and how we can prevent young people being affected by knife crime as parents, carers and as a community.

    During the workshop you will develop understanding around the following topics:

    • Young people's brain development, behaviour and responses to stress
    • The importance of healthy, safe attachment for young people
    • The stages, signs and risk factors of exploitation
    • Gangs - what they are, how they operate, and why?
    • External influences - language, social media, gang-related music
    • Building resilience within the family and community
    • Further support available for families

    The workshops are hosted by The Ben Kinsella Trust

    Upcoming Sessions:

    Date: Monday 25th March
    Location: Online via Zoom
    Time: 10am - 11:30am

    Date: Wednesday 27th March
    Location: Online via Zoom
    Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

    Sign up here: Parents & Carers Workshops - The Ben Kinsella Trust

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  • Bannockburn Fun Run 10am Sunday 17th March 2024 - Get involved!

    Published 29/02/24

    Bannockburn Fun Run 10am Sunday 17th March 2024 - Get involved!

    All proceeds support Cancer Research. Bannockburn have raised approximately £10,000 through this event over the years.

    Help us spread the word within the community, for children, and families who enjoy running. Participants can choose from 2k, 5k, and 10k races on RunBritain, listed under Bannockburn as a multi-terrain event. Every runner receives a medal and the winners receive trophies.

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    RunBritain Link

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  • Aruna Jalloh former student stars in new BBC series 'Boarders'

    Published 26/02/24

    Aruna Jalloh concluded his studies at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys in 2016, after studying GCSE and A Level Drama here. During his time at the school, he secured spots at the National Youth Theatre of GB and Rose Bruford Drama School through successful auditions. Known as a dedicated student, Aruna was asked by Miss Waine to return to the school during his University years to participate in a National Theatre Connections show, "Children of Killers". He readily agreed and not only mentored younger students but also shared his acting skills and expertise.

    Currently, Aruna is starring in the new BBC Three series "Boarders", a coming-of-age comedy drama that tracks the journey of five underprivileged black students who earn scholarships to an esteemed boarding school. In this show, Aruna portrays Femi, a Nigerian student striving to make his family proud and navigate his new environment. All episodes are now accessible for download on BBC iPlayer.

    Prior to this, he captivated audiences in "For Black Boys..." at the Royal Court and Apollo Theatre in the West End, performing to sold-out crowds every night.

    We are immensely proud of his accomplishments and cannot wait to see what he does next!

    Boarders review – this private school satire is absolutely packed with future megastars

    Watch 'Boarders' now on BBC

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  • Royal Borough of Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit

    Published 22/02/24

    On the 5th of February 2024, a group of our Year 12 students participated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit. This event, hosted at Woolwich Works, was part of the National Apprenticeship Week celebration.

    Students had the chance to listen to prominent apprenticeship organisations, connect with employers and peers, and acquire valuable industry insights.

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  • Royal Borough of Greenwich letter to parents/carers: School Attendance

    Published 22/02/24

    Click to download the Royal Borough of Greenwich Attendance Letter February 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    I trust this letter finds you well and that your children have enjoyed the half term break and are settling into the new term, with enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

    As we head into this new term, I would like to emphasise the importance of good attendance at school. While some children face occasional illnesses or barriers to attending school, maintaining regular attendance is key to ensuring they receive the education and support they need to thrive.

    Why is good attendance so important?

    1. Learning Consistency: Regular attendance ensures that your child can consistently engage with their teachers and peers, contributing to better learning outcomes.
    2. Social Development: School provides a vital environment for children to develop socially, build relationships, and develop interpersonal skills. Missing school can disrupt this crucial aspect of their growth.
    3. Academic Progress: Absenteeism can result in missing out on key learning experiences and valuable classroom activities, potentially leading to gaps in your child's knowledge. There is documented data on the correlation between absences, academic achievement and lifelong outcomes.
    4. Preparation for the Future: Regular attendance helps your child build a strong work ethic, which is essential for their future endeavours.
    5. Sanctions for irregular school attendance. As well as the impact on your children, parents and care givers can face sanctions for not ensuring their children’s regular school attendance. Action, we strive to avoid.

    We understand that there can be challenges to ensuring regular school attendance and we are committed to supporting parents/care givers and children to enable regular school attendance. Each school is committed to:

    • Providing a clear Attendance Policy, clarifying the school rules regarding attendance.
    • Providing guidelines on when it is appropriate to keep a child home due to illness, and when it is safe for them to attend school.
    • Supporting with health and well-being concerns; Parents are encouraged to communicate any health concerns promptly. Parents are encouraged to communicate any other issues that are impacting on their ability to ensure regular school attendance, so that supportive measures can be put into place, via school resources, signposting and/or involving or referring to support agencies.
    • Schools will work on and review strategies to build the resilience of their students, equipping them to adapt to challenges that may arise during their school journey.

    The Local Authority, School staff and teachers are committed to providing the best educational experience for your children. We believe that by working together with parents and care givers, we can create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that will enable your child to succeed.

    With your support and collaboration in encouraging your children’s good attendance, we can endeavour to ensure they make the most of their learning opportunities and lifelong outcomes.

    Kind regards

    Florence Kroll Director of Children’s Service

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  • FREE Medical & Dental Virtual Work Experience

    Published 20/02/24

    Understanding the pivotal role that work experience plays in shaping a student's perspective on their future career, we're delighted to extend an invitation to your students to participate in our FREE 6-month medical or 4-month dental virtual work experience programme.

    There is only a limited time remaining for students to explore specialties in Critical and Intensive Care or New Dental Patients before the next rotation begins on the 4th March. Aimed to provide students with insights into the medical and dental fields, this free virtual work experience empowers students to make informed decisions about their future.

    Students can find out more here:

    To ensure your students don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity, they need to attend our upcoming Get Into Medicine or Get Into Dentistry conference, granting them IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Virtual Work Experience programmes.

    By attending a Free LIVE Virtual Get Into Conference and completing the free virtual work experience programme, students will also receive a 'Highly Commended' reference from the Presidents at Medic Mentor. This reference is a powerful addition to boost your medical school applications and C.V. It can be proudly listed on your UCAS application under the section for ‘conferences you have attended which have prepared you for higher education’.

    If your students haven't attended a Get Into Conference but would like to join the Virtual Work Experience, they can sign up for the next upcoming conferences on these dates:

    For aspiring Doctors: FREE LIVE VIRTUAL Get Into Medicine conference dates:

    • Sunday 25th February from 9:30am - 3:30pm
    • Saturday 2nd March from 9:30am - 3:30pm
    • Sunday 3rd March from 9:30am - 3:30pm

    For aspiring Dentists: FREE LIVE VIRTUAL Get Into Dentistry conference date:

    Saturday 24th February, 9:30am - 3:30pm

    Students and parents can register for free at these links:

    Throughout these conferences, students will have the chance to interact directly with doctors, dentists, and medical and dental students LIVE. They'll gain critical information to make a competitive application to study medicine or dentistry at university.

    Students aged 14 - 18 are invited to attend with a parent or guardian, equipped with a working camera and microphone.
    Medical Registration Link:
    Dental Registration Link:

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop an email

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  • Year 12 students at the Royal Borough of Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit February 2024

    Published 19/02/24

    On the 5th of February 2024, a group of our Year 12 students participated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit. This event, hosted at Woolwich Works, was part of the National Apprenticeship Week celebration.

    Students had the chance to listen to prominent apprenticeship organisations, connect with employers and peers, and acquire valuable industry insights.

    #royalboroughofgreenwich #woolwichworks #apprenticeships #apprenticeshipsummit #Greenwich #woolwichpolytechnic #woolwichpoly #thamesmead #polymatschools #polymat Woolwich Works Royal Borough of Greenwich

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  • WPSfB supporting LGBT+ History Month 2024

    Published 19/02/24

    LGBT+ History Month

    Claiming our past – Celebrating our present – Creating our future

    LGBT+ History Month is for everyone; whether you work in education, a museum, a library or an art gallery, a business, a service, or are a member of a network/social group or an individual.

    It is celebrated every February across the UK and was founded in 2004 by Schools OUT UK  co-chairs, Paul Patrick & Professor Emeritus Sue  Sanders. It was first celebrated in February 2005.

    For so long LGBT+ people’s history was hidden, following the repeal of Section 28, UK LGBT+ History Month was created to:

    • claim our past
    • celebrate our present
    • create our future

    We are delighted to announce that the UK 2024 LGBT+ History Month theme is:

    Medicine – #UnderTheScope

    The 2024 theme celebrates LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today.

    We want to showcase the amazing work of LGBT+ staff across the NHS and in other healthcare settings, in providing healthcare, especially during the pandemic. Whilst still shining a light on the history of the LGBT+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare which has been extremely complicated leaving LGBT+ people still facing health inequalities even today.

    Click to view the LGBT+ History Month 2024 Website

    Careers in Science:

    In our science department, we have assembled a display featuring a select group of individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of medicine. Thank you to Mr Maddox for putting this display together. 

    Book recommendations in the Library:

    Our wonderful librarian, Ms Griffiths has put together another fantastic display supporting LGBT+ History Month as well as a section of book recommendations that students can check out right now.


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