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Policies & Procedures

Polymat policies and procedures

  1. PolyMAT Acceptable Use Policy
  2. PolyMAT Accessibility Policy and Plan
  3. PolyMAT AI Policy for students and parents
  4. PolyMAT Allegations of Abuse against Staff in School
  5. PolyMAT Allergy Awareness Policy
  6. PolyMAT Anti-fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy
  7. PolyMAT Bring your own device Policy BYOD
  8. PolyMAT Capability Policy
  9. PolyMAT CCTV Policy and Guidance
  10. PolyMAT Charging and Remissions Policy
  11. PolyMAT Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  12. PolyMAT Clear Desk Policy
  13. PolyMAT Collaborative Working Policy
  14. PolyMAT Conflict of Interest Policy
  15. PolyMAT Control of Infections Policy
  16. PolyMAT Complaints Policy
  17. PolyMAT Cookie Policy
  18. PolyMAT Cyber Security Policy
  19. PolyMAT Data Breach Policy
  20. PolyMAT Protection Policy (with SAR appendix)
  21. PolyMAT Data Retention Policy
  22. PolyMAT Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  23. PolyMAT Dress and Appearance Policy
  24. PolyMAT Electronic Information and Communication Systems Policy
  25. PolyMAT Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
  26. PolyMAT E-Safety Policy
  27. PolyMAT Freedom of Information Policy
  28. PolyMAT Grievance Policy and Procedure
  29. PolyMAT Health and Safety Policy
  30. PolyMAT Induction of Early Career Teachers ECTS Policy
  31. PolyMAT Information Security Policy
  32. PolyMAT Pay Policy
  33. PolyMAT Privacy Notice for Alumni
  34. PolyMAT Privacy Notice for Governors and Volunteers
  35. PolyMAT Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents
  36. PolyMAT Privacy Notice for Visitors & Contractors
  37. PolyMAT Privacy Notice for Job Applicants
  38. PolyMAT Record of Processing Activities ROPA Policy
  39. PolyMAT Remote Working Data Protection Policy
  40. PolyMAT Reserves Policy
  41. PolyMAT Safer Recruitment Policy
  42. PolyMAT Social Media Policy
  43. PolyMAT Staff Code of Conduct
  44. PolyMAT Transgender and other gender equality Policy
  45. PolyMAT Vexatious and Persistent Complaints Policy
  46. PolyMAT Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy
  47. PolyMAT Whistleblowing Policy


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